Interactivity & Motivation in New Age Classroom


One of the most interesting and challenging aspects of becoming a teacher is learning how to deliver your passion and motivation as well, to your students. It is also one of the most important. Students who are not motivated will not learn more effectively than any other who doesn’t. They won’t retain information, they won’t participate and some of them may even become disruptive. A student may be unmotivated for a variety of reasons: They may feel that they have no interest in the subject, find the teacher’s methods old fashioned or un-engaging or even be distracted by external forces.

And please do not forget that not all students will respond to lessons in the same way. For some, hands-on experiences may be the best. Others may love to read books quietly or to work in groups. In order to keep all students motivated, mix up your lessons so that students with different preferences will each get time focused on the things they like best. Doing so will help students stay engaged and pay attention. And it is also a true fact that when teaching to a class full of students it can be really difficult to truly personalize the learning experience for each. No matter how passionate and savvy the teacher is. Of course, any good teacher will adapt and adjust the content to the class level, but it can’t be done at every student level, at least not in the four-walls classroom.

But it would be absolutely beneficial not only for the learners but for the teaching process as well, if the teacher could give his students the chance to start thinking instead of giving ready-made knowledge to them. An interactive video of a specific learning subject could trigger out the dialogue and the collaboration among them in the classroom and it could contribute to the building a bridge between what is taught and what is really understood.


This is exactly the point of the Socratic Method, that we have the honor to apply in our courses and live sessions, through NEO LMS Collaboration tools and our passionate e-tutors as well!!


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