“Hellenophony” by Arnos in Krasnodar 2016

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Ancient Temple, Delphi, Greece


On behalf of ARNOS’ Administration and Educational Department, we would like to express to express our sincere feelings of joy and gratitude to the State University of Kuban, in the Krasnodar region in the south of Russia, for the accommodation of our proposal based on the theme “Teaching Greek as second or/and foreign language”.

ARNOS Online Education started in 2016 an initiative for creating learning material for teaching Greek as secondary/foreign language. We want to help the people who wish to learn the Greek language and experience the aspects of Reason and Logic with the linguistic precision required by science and culture. Our goal is the best possible outcome, so we openly invite everyone who is interested in contributing to this project.

Being faithful to the evolutions in education in the recent years, keeping in mind that a high-quality result with low-cost, we created the online study and guidance “Hellenophony“, a learning service of Greek as a second or/ and foreign language with the integration of ICT and multimedia tools in the educational process for students from all over the world aged 5/6 and teachers of Greek as foreign/second language. The courses’ organization and design are based on the principles of the communicative approach to language.

Through the following link, you can download the correspondent file of our presentation:

Teaching Greek as second or/and foreign language

The project is based on video lessons, with appropriate teaching material, and on the online class, in which students can adjust the curriculum in any way they want. Through this courses, students have the opportunity to learn the grammar and structure of the Greek language as well as a wide range of further cultural elements such as a core vocabulary, history, literature, theatre and cinema which will lead to a clear picture of the Greek culture. The Objectives that were the main driver behind this project were the following ones to be achieved:

  • Creating teaching materials, in accordance with the standards of the e-tutor developed by ARNOS.
  • Creating complete video lessons for all the levels of the language.
  • Creating online applications for computers and mobile devices.
  • Creating a new generation of teachers who will teach in our e-classes for every student wherever he comes from.

Our Teachers have the experience and contribute with passion in the creation of the Greek Language e-School, in terms of the objectives above, to vividly participate in the creation of a project for our children and everyone who is fascinated by the Greek culture.

Now Greek as a foreign language is being taught in Russian schools as of 1 January 2017. The final decision and approval were signed by Russian Minister of Education, Olga Vasilieva. It was finally decided that Greek should be taught as a second or foreign language throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and in particular in the fifth and sixth grade as well as in the first three classes of high school.

The Global Journey for the Next Day in Education, has already begun.

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