Arnos… in the International exhibition “Frankfurt Book Fair 2017”


Getting informed about Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair with the fair’s tower (Messeturm, 2004)

The Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) is the world’s largest trade fair for books and is held in mid-October  at the Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds in Frankfurt am MainGermany. The first three days are restricted exclusively to professional visitors; the general public attend the fair on the weekend. Several thousand exhibitors representing book publishing, multimedia and technology companies, as well as content providers from all over the world gather in order to negotiate international publishing rights and license fees.

The fair is organised by Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association. Approximately than 6,700 exhibitors participate in the event from over 100 countries and more than 278,000 visitors took part in the these five days. Book Fair in Frankfurt is a great marketing event for the promotion of books, but also a very significant event for sales and negotiation towards international publishing rights and license fees.

The Frankfurt Book Fair has a tradition spanning more than 500 years. In 1454, soon after Johannes Gutenberg had developed printing in movable letters in Mainz near Frankfurt, the first book fair was held by local booksellersUntil the end of the 17th century, the Frankfurt Book Fair was the most important book fair in Europe. After World War II, the first book fair was held again in 1949 at the St. Paul’s Church.


Τhe focal themes of the Exhibition

The organizational framework of the “Frankfurt Book Fair” Exhibition and events, iconsists of the following thematically focused pillars:

  • Education

    From the book exhibition “Frankfurt Book Fair”


The attendance of ARNOS 

The Arnos Online Education Organization, had also this year the unique opportunity to attend, at the 69th International Book Fair “Frankfurt Book Fair, represented by its Founder and President, Ioannis P. Krokos and his team of scientific associates, in October 11 – 15, 2018. The impression and the unique moments of enjoyment, experienced in this space, apart from being devoted to Value, the Institution, and the deeper meaning represented by the preservation of the book’s tradition and reading, were and will be remembered. But let’s take things from the beginning…

It is commonly accepted that always in the Line of Time there was a perfectly connected relationship between Μan and the Book. Let us not forget that the Book has always been the endless source of knowledge, the tool of perception, as well as the bright compass of clear and pure critical thinking. However, the rapid evolution in technology and the fast pace of life, and consequently the continuing desire for professional rehabilitation – have altered this link by limiting the time available for reading a book. Less and less people contribute to the complete preservation of this tradition.

Frontside of Festhalle

Frankfurt Book Fair is one of today’s events or precisely “institutions” that strongly contribute to the preservation of this tradition, as in the context of this great Fest, entrepreneurs, organizations and just friends of the book are gathered from all parts of the earth in order to communicate, to be informed, to share practices and solutions and of course … to be nostalgic!

Its organizational framework always has a lot to offer its visitors every year, including:

  • Collective presentations: Easily affordable, thematically focused collective presentations, covering every topic: comic books, travel books, calendars, audio books, cookbooks, scientific writings, teaching tutorials for every subject… in simple words there are books for every interest area.
  • Frankfurt Hot Spots: The four thematically focussed Hot Spots are a meeting place for technology and service providers as well as for Fair visitors and publishing business partners.
  • Stages and event locations: Professionalsa and companies have the opportunity to present their brand in the context of specific events. Our stages are organised thematically, with 9,900 representatives of the Press, 276,000 visitors and interested customers from around the world are their potential audience.
  • Agora: This centrally located open space is ideal for events for the general public.

The real truth is that this event is not just an ordinary exhibition in the context of an international gathering of people from all over the world, but something more, something noble and grand. It is a unique opportunity for book Lovers from around the world to maintain this tradition, in a climate of global communication of ideas, visions and good practices … for the liberation of thought and the creation of a new bright Day in the Concept and Man’ s Education.  A New Day, where everyone will have the opportunity to get to know and discover the world and themselves again by traveling to the pages… through reading a book. Through the deconstruction of Logos and its bridging with Thought.

Arnos Online Education Team in “Frankfurt Book Fair 2017”


Investing in the Book is the most successful seed in the long run and shapes the spirit of social development. The book is a silent dialogue of the individual with himself and, by extension, with society itself, which helps you to see in your own way the things the author has seen in his own way. He does not give you a world created by him to accept him, but to recreate it with your own data. This is the gift provided by the Word, that everyone who uses it, either as a creator or as a reader, creates the world by actively acting.

Visitors and attendants in “Frankfurt Book Fair”

This particular large exhibition, with its diverse themes, creates a sea where every visitor can do his own fishing according to his own needs and aspirations. It is a welcoming place and shaped in the spirit of Celebration and a multiparametric party. For these reasons, it is a great honor and a unique opportunity for somenone to visit the “Frankfurt Book Fair” exhibition so that you can experience the experience of Traveling, Liberating and Self – redefining … in a delightful debut of tradition and innovation!

Our unforgettable Virginia Pagoulatou – Vlachou (Virginia Evans)

This particular article is devoted to the memory of our unforgettable Virginia Pagoulatou – Vlachou (Virginia Evans), a significant innovator of foreignv languages’ education in Greece, owner of the publishing company “Express Publishing“, which remains indelible in our memory for her teaching passion, her love for the transmission of Knowledge and the brightness of her spirit, for the Next Day in modern Education.

We will always remember her as a bright presence in the field of modern pedagogy of an illuminated Teacher, who was always extremely ambitious in fostering the cultivation of public speaking in children from an early age… and of course for her endless anergy and love for fulfilling the Dream…

May your Soul be Peaceful…

   Traveling with a book, you reach the Soul and the real dimensions of the Man.
     In a Book you meet yourself.
                                           The one you have, the one you want and the one you lost … If you lost.
     The end of a path is Always the dawn of a new one …
                                           Give the unlimited and in the middle soul of your Thought …
                                                                                                                           traveling with a Book.
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