ARNOS in the Global Journey in Education


What is ARNOS?


Arnos is the biggest online educational institute in Greece that provides educational services, since 1985. Our website was launched in 2000 and since then is a living cell, where teachers create video tutorials, interactive tests for the students according to the Greek curriculum and support online more than 50.000 students per year. The last decade, we offer e-learning services to everyone, focusing on New Technologies and Practical Pedagogies.

In these times of financial crisis, we are really proud, not only because we exist and we are constantly evolving, without any governmental or another kind of support. But also, we support families that do not have the resources to access our solutions. Furthermore, through our solutions, we promote the Socratic Method, by triggering out the dialogue during the teaching procedure and guiding our students how to think and find a problem’s answer themselves.

This is why we have created “Athena” Ecumenical e-School, the first online school for primary education, with infinite free access to its material. “ATHENA” allowed Arnos’ services to exceed the Greek borders with its official presentation in ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN conference, one of the largest global conferences for Technology in Education and Training (e-learning), held in Berlin in 2015.



Through our blog.arnos.gr, we publish our articles and newsletters, to share globally our creations and experiences from the international online education field. Thus, Arnos Online Education offers each teacher the opportunity to be guided properly and start making his own brand name in the e-learning market area, by taking care of his own Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Through our Arnos’ LinkedIn profile, Mr. Krokos, Founder and CEO and executives of the company, have a dynamic presence internationally.

As up today, the success and the momentum of our educational model have been embraced by hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and teachers who consistently choose our online educational services. Consequently, through its Social Actions’ Department, Arnos is now a source of high-quality education for the Social Online Tutorial Schools of Municipalities, regions and ecclesiastical parishes in Greece, a fact that has strengthened our recognition of international educational community as a phenomenon not only on the Greek field of online education but globally as well. ARNOS is continuously evolving its global dynamic, through its executives’ participation in several conferences abroad, such as the International School of Toulouse (2016), the University of Kuban in Krasnodar (southern Russia, 2016) and Beni Suef University in Egypt (2015).

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