ARNOS participates in Educa Berlin 2017

Teacher’s Uncertainty
vs. Learning Formalism | Dawn of Dynamic Engagement


On behalf of ARNOS’ Administration and Educational Department, we would like to express to express our sincere feelings of joy and gratitude to the Conference Committee OEB, for the accommodation of our proposal based on this year’s theme “Learning Uncertainty”. Uncertainty has always been Arnos’ main motive for research and creativity, by delivering economical and high-quality pedagogies and educational solutions and thus promoting the internationalization of teaching practices.

Arnos Online Education, the premium educational institute in Greece, provides educational services, over the last 30 years. Our website was launched in 2000 and since then, teachers have created approximately 60.000 video tutorials for the Greek curriculum, supporting approximately 30.000 students per day through our website, based on Google Analytics results. The last decade, we focus on e-learning services’ development towards the triplet: teachers – students –  parents and through our cooperation with Ed-Tech companies, such as Cypher Learning, we create solutions according to the Pedagogical Practices of 21st Century.

Using our Cypher’s NEO LMS’s and its content authoring, assessment and collaboration tools, now each Εducator becomes a constant mentor able to develop a step-by-step student-centered personalized learning path. That is our main motive for us that helped us, back in future, to realize that it was vitally important to strengthen the source of Learning; the Primary Education.

So in 2013, we started the creation of educational learning material in video format for the Greek primary curriculum. This initiative, called “ATHENA” Ecumenical School, was the first free e-school in Greece, with thousands of video lessons per course for the primary education and unlimited access to them and was warmly welcomed by the Greek family and society as well from the first moment. A fact that not only maintained Arnos’ quality and success, but also led us to our first global recognition, through ATHENA’s first official presentation in OEB 2015 (Online Educa Berlin), one of the of the largest global conferences for Technology in Education and Training (e-learning) held in Berlin.

The honorary participation of the “Athena” e-Primary School in the Online Educa Berlin 2015 was welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Theodosis Pelegrinis who declared: “We are really happy that the “Athena” Ecumenical on-line Primary School is an ark of the basic core of our culture and Greek language, which travels with love and respect throughout the Greek territory and the land where Hellenism is found. You used the technology to build bridges and unite the old with the new, the present with the future, for our children, for all male and female pupils, parents and teachers. We wish you wholeheartedly success and creativity in the journey of the “Athena”, which embraces and unites all Greek children all over the world“.

Through the following link, you can download the correspondent file of our presentation:

Athena Ecumenical e School: A Guide from Survival to Prosperity


It is a phenomenon for the Greek market that both Arnos and “ATHENA” have managed to transform the online education, to a live process of innovative e-learning practices, absolutely accessible in all over the world and totally shared with any online teachers’ community, through the CPD portal: teachers.arnos.academy.

Now 2 years later, our Ed-Tech practices meet for the second time their international recognition at OEB 2017between December 6 – December 8. A presentation with ARNOS’ executives will take place in one of OEB’s interactive conference parallel sessions and the title of our proposal is: “Teacher’s Uncertainty vs. Learning Formalism: Dawn of Dynamic Engagement”. The fundamental stone of our proposal is that anyone has to “Learn How to Learn”, not what to learn. That is why we are going, during our presentation to provide every educator with practical solutions not only to embrace uncertainty but also to eliminate it, by designing fully inspiring and engaging courses and thus making his own brand name in the online education market.

Besides, we should not forget that all of teachers and educators, in general, can always become better and as the famous poet William Butler Yeates said: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire“. With the aid of NEO LMS’ authoring and collaboration options, ARNOS has formed its fundamental axes straight to the development of the personalized e-tutor’s role and a superb-structured curriculum, which embraces the assets of the Internet into the Τeaching learning process. The Learning Method of Socrates by Arnos in combination with ΝΕΟ LMS will be presented thoroughly, during the session and will appeal to every attendee the possibility of a circular class including video-literacydiscussion, and evaluation.

The speech will be held on December 8th 2017, 12:00 – 13:30, at the hotel “Intercontinental”.


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