A Journey to number e & its personality

Introduction & Greetings to the Workshop: “e – A number who can teach”


My name is Yannis Krokos, a mathematician at the University of Athens and civil engineer in the National Technical University Of Athens. Since 1985, I am teaching the subject of Maths mainly to University students. Twenty years ago, I wrote five books related with Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Complex Numbers Analysis. As Founder and CEO of ARNOS Online Education, I am struggling to support and give flesh to the vision of online education in my company.

I would like to introduce myself as the mentor of Arnos Online Education, collaborating with young people, as dear Vasilis Tsilivis, who makes the presentation. Our main purpose is to offer educational services that will give joy and pride to the Greek family, during the difficult circumstances of the crisis.


Arnos Online Education: Teaching In Cloud


Arnos Online Education is the biggest e-learning provider, located in the centre of Athens, with more than 4000 students/year & 40.000 visitors/day to arnos.gr, using our free and subscription online educational material. Our company, despite the years of crisis, invests to the Greek education being supported only by with its own resources, showing an increase in its revenues year by year.


Personally, I believe that education should be considered as a common cultural gift essential to the improvement and development of life, without exceptions. In this direction, we develop a spirit of communication, by participating in European events and exhibitions, from 2011 and all the years of crisis. Crisis for all of us in Arnos is a challenge to change not only our way of thinking and acting but also to upgrade our offering services to students, teachers and parents. Our direct collaboration with the company LMS Cypher Learning and with other educational services companies as well leads our way straight to Arnos International.

We aim to create online educational material for teaching Ancient Greeks and Maths, for the English audience. With my exceptional and creative partner, Vasilis Tsilivis, we had the chance to swim in the Aegean sea of wonderful e. I would like all of us to enjoy this magnificent journey now and later through our online teachers’ community platform. I hope all of you are going to enjoy our presentation with topic “e – A number who can teach“.


Presentation for the Workshop: “e – A number who can teach”, by Vasilis Tsilivis


We are going to discuss today the enigmatic number e, its secret origins and its huge contribution to large data calculation, logistics and science. Everyone knows number e as a famous irrational number, one of the most important numbers in Mathematics, with a value equal to 2.718281… But it is only an arithmetic value? What purposes does it serve? Where and how did it come from?

So, let’s take the “boat of thinking & knowledge”… the boat with number e as a passenger (see the pdf of our presentation’s axes) which we lead to the open sea of educational challenges. As people of different age groups, we will have the pleasure to travel through the teaching of Mathematics, from Primary Education to University. But we will also have the chance to travel through history when the human concept started to develop and the common logical language of science and improvement was created… the Mathematics!

Through the following link you can download the correspondent file of our presentation:


e – A number who can teach (presentation)


Dear fellow teachers, we invite you to sign up for free, to our website teachers.arnos.grand it we will be our pleasure to determine our next steps of action and creativity.

¨Do not forget that our thoughts are the ones to create boundaries… and that boundaries are captured from our inaction”.

We would like to express our sincere feelings of joy and gratitude to the Organisers of the Conference, Mr Turr professor of history at the International School of Toulouse and the Keynote Speaker Mr Ewan McIntosh.



Krokos P. Yannis: Mathematician – Civil Engineer

Tsilivis K. Vasilis: Mathematician

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