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On Friday December 08th 2017, ARNOS Online Education had the unique opportunity to travel to the city of Berlin and present at the largest online conference on Online Education, Online Educa Berlin, its innovative educational practices, for educational institutions, teachers and students. A group of scientific associates and teachers at the Arnos Center participated as speakers in a relevant panel of educators and speakers around the world, focusing on the theme of “The Learning Educators Love“.

Nives Kreuh National Education Institute, Slovenia

The complete organization and coordination of the conversation by Ms. Nives Kreuh, a specialized researcher in the design of strategy and implementation of new curricula in the field of digital pedagogy and e-learning, was a focal point for thoroughly analyzing pedagogical and didactic approaches in the field of online education, as they are implemented to pupils from Finland, the Netherlands, Croatia and Greece.

Gordana Benat Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNet, Croatia

The event was launched by Gordana Benat, a Croatian scholar and researcher, specializing in the support and training of teachers in the implementation of ICT’s in synergy with modern pedagogical approaches to teaching. Ms. Benat, as she pointed out in her presentation on “Teaching in e-Schools as a support for ICT teaching“, technology alone is not enough to ensure the effectiveness of the educational process but also needs the intellectual agent of the teacher by forming appropriate teaching scenarios.

Krokos Yannis & Vasilis Tsilivis Arnos Online Education, Greece


A need that has prompted Arnos Online Education and its Founder and CEO, Mr. Ioannis Krokos, to anticipate the profound consequences of the economic crisis in the field of Education and re-shape the educational ecosystem by forming a solution – a proposal in learning formalism … the dynamic engagement of teachers in the educational process. A change and a bright vision for online education, as the organization’s representative and mathematician Vasilis Tsilivis pointed out, has shaped Arnos e-tutor of the 21st century, a multidimensional mentor who, being fully aware of every online teacher tool and pedagogical practice, inspires and innovates in teaching through the Socratic method of dialogue and the dynamic engagement of students in the educational process!

Riitta Suominen University of Tampere, Yksityinen kielitoimisto, Finland

At the same wavelength, Finit Riitta Suominen, an internationally recognized author and expert consultant in e-learning and online communication, continued the series of speeches on this panel, highlighting the basic skills that a modern teacher must have in order to have an active role and place in the rapidly changing online world. Her presentation in “OEB 2017” is based on her article, “Do Teachers Need Further Education?

Marit Nieuwenhuys Risbo – Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The module was completed with a presentation by Holland Marit Nieuwenhuys, educational adviser at Risbo – Erasmus University Rotterdam, and “the development of the original teacher”, as was the central theme of her presentation.
Ms. Nieuwenhuys has thoroughly analyzed the importance of introducing active learning styles but also blended and e-learning development (MOOC’s) with the goal of effectively use of technology and improving teachers’ basic teaching and technical skills.

Presentation’s Topic “The Learning Educators Love” , by Arnos Online Academy

The central point of our lecture is that everyone needs to “Learn How to Learn“, not what to learn. This is why we aim to provide practical training for each trainer in order not only to embrace the uncertainty but also to eliminate it by creating inspiring and engaging courses and thus creating his own brand name in the field of online education.

Besides, we should not forget that all Masters and trainers, in general, can always be better and, as the famed poet William Butler Yeates has said: “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the start of the fire.” With the help of the synthesis and communication options of NEO LMS, ARNOS has set the core axes with the immediate aim of shaping the role of the personalized e-tutor’s role and a highly structured curriculum embracing the elements of the Internet through the process of Teaching. The Socratic Method of Teaching by Arnos in conjunction with NEO LMS were presented extensively during the session, offering each participant the possibility of a “circular” learning mode that includes video teaching, discussion and evaluation.

Through the following link you can download the correspondent file of our presentation:

The Learning Educators Love (presentation)


Creating the 21st Century Spirit of Education


Arnos Online Education Center and  “ATHENA” Ecumenical e-School place in the central point of their educational approaches, the continuous innovation for the development of teaching and pedagogical methods, so that through the interactive teaching, the teacher, the parent and the pupil become three interactive axes to the perfect and effective building of knowledge … with the the student himself to be the ultimate recipient. As noted in the session, the challenge of change and best practices in online education are vitally important and one-way direction of the modern era. Our presence, as speakers in this event, is the sign of our efforts to respond quickly and accurately to this change and constant evolution in social and educational events.

On behalf of Arnos Online Education Management and Development Department, we would like to express our sincere feelings of joy and gratitude to the Conference Committee of Online Educa Berlin and to all the co-speakers of this panel for the unique opportunity of disseminating, interacting and communicating best pedagogical practices in modern teaching.

ΟΕΒ 2017: All the speakers of the session

Dear fellow teachers, we invite you to become part of Arnos’ Educational Family and it we will be our pleasure to determine our next steps of Action, Innovation and Creativity for a New Day in 21st century’s Education.

The Global Journey for the Next Day in Education, has already begun.

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